GECO 7.62×39 124GR VM 50RD BOX (FMJ)


GECO 7.62×39 124GR VM 50RD BOX (FMJ)

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GECO 7.62×39 Ammunition 124 GR FMJ Box of 50

 Frequent practice at the range is a must; plus, it is a lot of fun! The GECO Target FMJ line makes economical shooting possible thanks to its practical 50-pack. The GECO Target FMJ bullet is especially suitable for rapid fire in semiautomatic firearms. Top accuracy is guaranteed, something that is appreciated especially by IPSC competitors. With its especially attractive price-to-performance ratio, the GECO Target FMJ line is especially well-suited to shooters with intense training schedules. The tombac jacket of the GECO Target FMJ bullet starkly reduces barrel fouling, thereby increasing cleaning intervals. Now nothing stands between you and success!

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