PRVI 30-30 WIN FSP 150gr


Founded in 1928 in Uzice, Serbia this factory has produced some of the best defense ammunition in the world. Prvi Partizan is modern company, one of the largest of its kind on the planet. The company has been manufacturing ammunition for 87 years, and produces over 400 types of rifle, pistol, revolver, and small arms ammunition. They pride themselves on the quality of the ammunition by using the best components and continuous testing. PPU manufactures their own cartridge cases and bullets. These components are made of high quality raw materials and tested at their own modern laboratories under severe controls during the production process. Their strict attention to detail results in an extremely accurate and safe ammunition. Additionally, PPU cartridge cases can be reloaded several times, making them high in demand on the open market.

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Caliber30-30 Winchester

Bullet Weight-150 Grain

Bullet type-Flat Soft Point


Casting Material-Brass

Muzzle Energy-1902 ft lbs

Muzzle Velocity-2390 fps

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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