ROSSI R95 30-30WIN 20” 5-RDS


Hardwood Walnut Finish, .30-30 WIN, Polished Black Oxide, 20 IN.

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It’s 30-30 Time with the Rossi R95

As lever action rifles surge in popularity across the country, Rossi employees kept getting asked one question at every trade show they were at: “when are you bringing a 30-30 to market?” The answer is now with the all new R95, which features a hammer forged barrel, a smooth hand finished lever action, large loading gate, and is drilled and tapped for optics. That’s on top of the walnut finish, 5+1 capacity, and the fact that it’s compatible with rails and handguards that work with another major manufacturer’s lever action.

There’s nothing better than a slick lever action. The feeling of levering a round in the chamber, hearing the mechanical parts working together in concert, the satisfying feeling of the bolt closing – it’s kinetic, it’s aesthetic, and it’s everything you want. Rossi has been feeding those feelings with its pistol caliber rifles for years, and now it’s giving a 30-30, perfect for North American game.

Grab an R95 today and get into the centerfire rifle game with Rossi.

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