Universal Shotgun Spring and No Jam Follower Kit 12GA


Universal Shotgun Spring and No Jam Follower Kit 12GA

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12 gauge Spring & No Jam Follower Kit.

Replacement shotgun magazine spring and S&J Hardware No-Jam magazine follower. Magazine spring is 48 inch long will fit most 12ga shotguns. Spring is extra long, so it will probably need to be trimmed to size.

Our spring is made from Chrome silicon wire is one of the most desirable material for manufacturing springs. Chrome silicon wire has high tensile strength and unmatched resilience when it comes to high temperatures. This kind of wire is heat-treated and cold drawn 1 million cycle spring.

Our magazine follower is the best on the market today, it will not break down with cleaning compound and will not crack. CNC milled from 2 inch block of DuPont Delrin®, it does not react to heat or cold, and thus reduces jamming. Machined Delrin Mag follower. Fits most 12Ga shotguns.


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